Julian Rose is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Born into the entertainment industry, Julian’s roots come from music. His parents have both worked in the music video production field for years and his uncle was a key figure in the rise of West Coast Rap. Raised in Beverly Hills, Julian has been immersed in the music industry from a young age. He was toddling around sets with artists like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne before he could even talk.

As he got older, he was helping out in production offices and attending video sets after school. With a genuine curiosity and a love of connecting with other people, Julian was able to meet and talk to many artists throughout his youth who inspired him to keep going with his music and creative endeavors.

Julian began playing piano at the age of five and within a few years he had mastered guitar, bass and drums as well. Music has been a constant throughout his life, but the past few years it has become a lifeline for Julian as he’s embarked on his artist project: “I was feeling very unhappy and felt like the future was hopeless. I was stuck in the monotony of life. However, I always knew that music was the one thing that had been there for me. So, instead of relying on other people, I decided to rely on the thing that carried me through all the ups and downs of my childhood.”

His musical influences are broad and diverse. He incorporates elements of classic rock, funk, hip-hop and pop. Constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles, Julian’s music defies genre boundaries. His eclectic sonic palette is on display across his first few singles, which are due out in Spring/Summer 2022.

Not fitting in is where Julian fits in. Constantly challenging the expectation that an artist must remain in one singular genre, he ruthlessly colors outside of the lines, carving his own musical path with every new song.

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